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Crossroads Art Center: Swimmingin-Paint Online Gallery

Swimming in Success by Mary Burruss
Swimming-in-Paint (SIP) is a great example of what Crossroads Art Center (CAC) is all about- developing artist’s careers from novice to notable. The group was formed in 2016 when their leader, artist, Chuck Larivey, OPA, noticed a core group of approximately ten people coming to watch his painting demonstrations at CAC. After a few months of prodding, he offered a “Paint-along” style class on weekends, and SIP was formed. “The group came together and morphed towards selling their art,” says Larivey but members cite his prowess as their initial motivator. “These demos began in March and I was there at almost every session,” says Terry Lacy, “It was exciting for me to watch a ‘master’ paint.” Victoria Gross adds, “I had seen Chuck Larivey's work on a trip to Crossroads before I joined SIP. I was in awe. When I found out that I could study under him, I couldn't believe my luck!” 

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