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Cocktail Subscription Service Brings Happy Hour Home

When life hands you lemons, turn them into lemon drop martinis! The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses all over the country to get creative and pivot their business models. The same was true for Mike Love, owner and operator of The Professional Bartending Academy.

“Like many business owners when COVID-19 hit and businesses began to close, I knew I needed to create something new providing employment opportunity for bartenders and a new normal for bar guests,” said Love.

What he came up with was a subscription service coupled with a virtual happy hour experience that allowed him to provide employment opportunities to local bartenders while offering a fun at-home activity for consumers.

A Bar Chef Cocktail box sits on a front porch of a subscriber

With Bar Chef Cocktail Kits, customers enjoy a biweekly subscription delivered to their doorsteps filled with fresh ingredients including garnishes, mixers and more as well as optional bar equipment to create professionally designed cocktails at home. Virtual happy hours are led by premier bartenders to learn the art of crafting the weekly themed cocktails from their kit based on a rotating theme of a spirit, wine, or beer.

Cocktail kits can be purchased for two or four people. Subscribers can choose from two options: a starter kit that includes all garnishes, mixers, fresh ingredients and essential bar equipment, or a biweekly kit that exclusively includes all garnishes, mixers and fresh ingredients. In addition to the kits, the essential eight-piece bar set is sold separately which includes shaker tins, pour spouts, a hawthorn strainer and a measuring jigger.

The cocktail tools and ingredients provided by Bar Chef Cocktail Box

In addition to the subscription services, Bar Chef Cocktail Kits also offers customized group Virtual Happy Hours. Individuals may sign up with Bar Chef Cocktails Kits to become Virtual Happy Hour Host. Hosts gather their friends or colleagues to organize their own virtual event and Bar Chef Cocktail Kits will provide bartenders, cocktail kits, equipment and virtual happy hour experience to maximize your event. Hosts will also receive rewards including free cocktail kits, ABC gift cards and bar equipment.

“My motivation for Bar Chef Cocktail Kits was designed with three goals. One, provide bartenders a new opportunity for making money during and after the COVID-19. Two, give back to local non-profits. Three, provide bar patrons a fresh new cocktail experiences through a fun, convenient and a hassle-free service,” said Love.

Love is donating $1 from each starter kit purchase to the local chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild to help support the struggling bar industry and out of work bartenders.

To learn more about Bar Chef Cocktails and pre-order a subscription, visit their website.

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