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Local Business Builds Outfits and Confidence One Closet at a Time

Anetra Byrd in a black outfit with white background

As the temperature begins to rise, and more and more people get vaccinated, many of us are beginning to look to the future- outside of our homes; a future filled with real clothes, complete with buttons and shoes that people will actually see. After a year filled with loungewear and outfits that only mattered from the waist up, it can be daunting to think about putting together an entire outfit – and that’s where a professional’s assistance can prove invaluable.

Interested in fashion and the latest trends since she was a girl, Anetra Byrd founded NeeChic, a personal wardrobe and image consulting business, in 2014. Passionate about helping women feel confident in themselves, she eventually traded in her corporate job to work full time in her business.

Today, NeeChic offers a variety of services from entire wardrobe overhauls to a text messaging option where clients can get quick fashion advice – who hasn’t had that moment while trying to figure out what to wear when you needed an expert opinion? But her most popular service is creating capsule collections for clients where she creates various looks based on a limited number of pieces, usually between 17-30, helping clients minimize their closets while maximizing their style.

Anetra has clients from all walks of life, from corporate businesswomen working on their brand, to stay at home moms who want assistance with their personal goals. For her, it’s about building confidence.

“Seeing that ah-ha moment and that confidence in the women, it’s truly a transformation,” she says. “It’s transformative and I can see instantly how they light up and that makes me feel really happy knowing that I was a part of that.”

Like all businesses in 2021, NeeChic has had to pivot to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols. Anetra is now doing Zoom consultations for clients who don’t yet feel comfortable doing a meeting in person, and helping women create looks based on what is already in their closets, as well as helping them purge things that no longer serve them.

But while the world is still primarily virtual, Anetra has some parting words of advice for those Zoom meetings, too. “Wear jewel tones because it’s rich saturated colors but it’s not overwhelming to the eye the way black is,” she says. “It doesn’t age you or make you look tired, and stay away from busy patterns.”

Learn more about NeeChic and schedule a consultation via their website

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