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Five Tips for Cuffing Season

The leaves are beginning to fall; we’re bundling up in chunky sweaters and wrapping scarves tightly around our necks; we may or may not be sipping on toasty pumpkin flavored beverage. All signs point to the season at hand: cuffing season.

What’s cuffing season you ask? Officially defined by Urban Dictionary in 2011, cuffing season refers to the period of time, typically between October and March when the weather turns cold and singletons look for someone to cuddle up with for the winter.

But for those already in serious relationships cuffing season can mean engagement season. After all, nothing looks better poised in front of a picturesque fall foliage shot than a sparkly new diamond. Time wise, it can also be the last chance to book that idyllic June wedding and the perfect time to lock in a popular fall wedding date.

Below are five tips to keep in mind while shopping for that perfect ring this cuffing season.

Shop Local
Shopping for an engagement ring can be intimidating, and while it may be tempting to just order one online, a local jeweler can walk couples through the process and help them design or pick out the perfect ring. What’s more, the local jewelers often have access to stunning one-of-a-kind vintage rings in addition to often surprisingly budget conscious options. Shopping local can also get you perks to things like free inspections and cleaning for life. 

Shape Matters
Perhaps even more important than the famous 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carot), the geometric shape of the stone is perhaps the most important factor when searching for a stone.

Setting Changes Everything
The setting, or how the stone is displayed in a metal band, can drastically affect the way a ring looks. Changing details from the type of metal to how high the ring sits upon the band can drastically alter how the ring looks on the finger.  

It Really Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect
While the 4 C’s are important, the two that are most obvious are size (carot) and color. If there’s a limited budget, you can often get a larger stone for slightly less if you choose a ring that has a lower clarity – something that most people will never even notice.

Forget Everything
At the end of the day, go with what you like. An engagement ring is an investment but more importantly, something that will be worn day in and day out and should suit your lifestyle and personality. It truly doesn’t matter what “experts” think, just the person who wears it.

Need help getting started? Check out these local Richmond area jewelers who are among the best in the business: 

a person wearing a large diamond ring holds a pink rose


Carreras Jewelers 
Cowardin's Jewelers 
Dransfield Jewelers
Lustre by Adolf
Schwarzchild Jewelers
Sycamore Jewelers
Vera's Fine Jewelers

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