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Celebrating National Women's Small Business Month

For centuries, women have been organizing and taking charge of things - whether it was the household, a local charity, the school room, or an inn. Women have always had the ability to organize and motivate people in order to reach goals. Today, more than ever, women are harnessing their abilities in the form of small business ownership. 

While today, nearly 40% of new entrepreneurs are women, it hasn't always been the case. In 1972 only 4.6% of businesses were women-owned; fast forward to 2019 which found 13 million businesses owned by women, representing a whopping 42% of all businesses while employing 9.4 million people and generating $1.9 trillion in revenue. In 2021, the number of women entrepreneurs is up 114% from where it was just 20 years ago. 

The road to business ownership isn’t easy for anyone and women often face additional obstacles, particularly when it comes to access to funding, but the rewards benefit not only the business owner, but the greater community. A more diverse business community directly contributes to the diversity and strength of the greater community.  

October marks National Women’s Small Business Month, and this year, a perfect opportunity to support women-owned small businesses within the community. Below is a handful of Richmond-area, women-owned small businesses to explore and consider supporting, this month, and every month! 

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